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About Us

Strategic Marketing is a relatively new Bristol Marketing Agency, supplying services across the UK.  Although new, it doesn't mean we lack experience.

Founder Paul King has spent a "life-time" in ICT, since before the birth of the internet and even the ability for end-users to connect to computers from a terminal!  In that time has worked in a number of companies applying his skills to the benefit of product development and marketing departments.

Our passion is providing services to small-to-medium sized businesses that serve a relatively small regional area and who have to gain maximum benefit from their marketing budget.  Tho' we won't ignore national chains such as restaurants and hotels who provide services in a number of towns.

That said, for us it is all about "local".

You've probably noticed how much the search engines and on-line directories have replaced "traditional" advertising, such as Yellow Pages.  You've probably also noticed how much more people pay attention to Social Media and on-line reviews.

This is where we specialise - maximising exposure in the search engines and helping ensure that your business doesn't suffer through lack of good reputation.  And by that, we mean the "on-line" reputation people will see on the internet, not on your website or what people tell you.

We find it hard to find other businesses specialising in what we do - tho' we do know a few.  We're surprised; but maybe others are still trying to adapt to the new emerging technologies and the way Google is going.